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Monday, January 28, 2008

Dan Burisch Spent A Year With An Alien Named J-Rod

Dan Burisch born on February 2, 1964.
Dan Burisch is a microbiologist who received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York, Stonybrook, in 1989. He is 40 years old now, born on February 2, 1964. His birth certificate name was Danny Benjamin Crain. I have met and talked with his mother, Dodie Crain, and with Dan Burisch, Ph.D., himself.
In 1994, he was assigned to work in an underground laboratory at S-4/Area 51, five floors under the Papoose Mountain installation at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The fifth floor is accessible only by one secure elevator. Dr. Burisch told me that in the year 1994, he suited up in the fifth floor underground laboratory like an astronaut with breathing and urination hoses.
Dr. Burisch says the being at S-4/Area 51 was called “J-Rod.” The name emerged when the being pointed at the “J” key on a computer keyboard and then at a hyphen-like or “bar” key. Telepathically, the being communicated that those symbols were equivalent to the number 15 in hieroglyphics, similar to Egyptian. Fifteen, the being telepathed, was an appropriate name for him because it was the number of light years from Earth to a planet important to his civilization. So, the Majestic group named him “J-Rod”

Dr. Burisch was told there was a serious medical problem with the J-Rod and his species and that MJ-12 wanted Dan to extract tissue from the being’s arm for microscopic study. A serious peripheral neuropathy was diagnosed and Dr. Burisch said in the year 1994, he collected more than 100 tissue samples in an effort to study the J-Rod’s nerve damage and to perhaps develop a treatment.
J-Rod, Technical Adviser, Nevada Test Site
On visits to the flight simulator, Bill Uhouse would occasionally see who acted as a technical adviser to the ultra-secret program that Bill worked on. It was J-Rod, a typical gray-colored EBE, hairless and without facial expressions. He had large, black wrap-around eyes or eye-lenses that are typical of these creatures. He is reported to be 200 years old, suffering from cell deterioration and still located at Papoose S-4, Area 51 in Nevada. But I can't confirm that. According to Bill Uhouse, the funny thing was how he dressed in human trousers and a loose shirt. His shoes were different, but I don't know in what way. His four-finger hands were long.
When a retired U. S. Air Force Major saw Uhouse's drawing of J-Rod, he said, "With the exception of the long fingernails and the bulkiness, this looks just like J-Rod. He was thin and did not have long fingernails."

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