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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fairies in your garden may be real?

Friday, 22 February 2008

The small town of Hahndorf, South Australia, Australia is abuzz with talk of fairies.
Many residents have reported seeing a small fairy-like object with small sprinkles of light and flying low to the ground.
Fairies in your garden may be real.

The small town of Hahndorf, South Australia, Australia is abuzz with talk of fairies.

Many residents have reported seeing a small fairy-like object with small sprinkles of light and flying low to the ground.

“Police officials say there's a logical explanation, but locals insist the fairy-like objects appeared for some time and once they disappeared, there were traces of white dust left behind.”

That's how residents near the small town of Hahndorf, South Australia described the objects they spotted in some gardens and parks one night last week.

Dozens of people, including a news reporter and a medical officer, said fairy-like objects appeared and floated around local gardens and over the local farming and wine community for about thirty five minutes last Tuesday before streaking away.

Claims were made that there was a glittery dust that appeared after the objects disappeared into the night sky.

News reporter Jack Peach saw the objects when he was out collecting shopping, off a hilltop near the town of Hahndorf. Jack described the unidentified object as being shaped like a fairy, transparent and making a slight whistling noise.

He said the fairy-like object flew away and added it took him by complete surprise and left him speechless. He did not want to comment for fear of media repercussions.

Medical Officer Margret Steiber said she was walking to her car when she saw a similar shaped object to that of a fairy with a slight glow that reminded her of pictures she'd seen in a fiction storybook when she was younger.

She said the object was suspended in mid-air. Margret said he was so awestruck that she called her son to come and see, but he didn't talk much about the object sighting.

Local officials, however, were sceptical. They said the residents of Hahndorf are letting their imaginations run wild and passed it off as an optical illusion. They said it was likely nothing more than a reflection of sunlight and a local moon eclipse.

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