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As Far As I Am Concerned This Is By Far Some Of The Best Evidence

This video was borrowed from charliegee1111111111 on Youtube.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Giant Cigar Shaped Object - March 1977

Stephen Hodges now runs a successful business in Yorkshire, but he was 22 years of age in March 1977, unemployed, and squatting in a flat with no gas or electricity, atop of the St George’s Heights tower-block, Everton.
It was Thursday, March 17, at 1:30pm when Stephen glanced out of his window and saw something his mind couldn’t take in for a few moments.
A gigantic cigar-shaped object, which seemed a mile in length, was hanging among the low clouds in the east, over the Fairfield district.
The object looked grey and had no discernible features upon it, and remained in the sky for about ten minutes before it vanished into thin air.

Earlier, a teenage Army cadet named Martin, was walking towards his barracks on Botanic Road when he also witnessed the awesome spectacle of the colossal UFO, which, in his estimation, seemed to be suspended in the air over Green Lane, Stoneycroft.
Martin saw other people in the street gazing up at the UFO, which looked ominous because of its huge dimensions.
Martin detected a faint low throbbing sound emanating from the aerial visitor, and also believed he could see faint pinpoints of light on the surface of its under-belly.
After around fifteen minutes the elongated cigar in the sky faded away, along with the low-frequency humming sound it had generated.
Chris Harris is in his seventies now, but in 1977 he was a 45-year-old plumber, and he vividly remembers the enormous UFO over Edge Lane: “I was in my van at the traffic lights on Edge Lane at the junction of Durning Road and Holt Road. Suddenly I noticed this long grey cylindrical object with rounded ends, high in the sky over St Cyprian’s Church.”
Chris eventually drove on down Edge Lane but pulled over by Laurel Road and got out of his van to take another look at the UFO, which he believes was hanging in the sky over Old Swan.
“It was the grey colour of lead piping. I kept wondering how something which would have weighed over a million tons could stay airborne.
“I drew the attention of a passing priest to the cigar and he looked up and said, “Oh, Good God,” and smiled.”
John Kelly, a medium who lived on West Derby Road, was walking his dog in Newsham Park that day in March, when he felt an overwhelming urge to look directly overhead.
He said: “I saw this greyish long craft, at least a thousand feet in length, just stationary in the sky.
“The dog began to whimper, and I experienced a tingling sensation in my head. I got the impression that someone in that UFO – or whatever it was – wanted to be seen in the sky.
“I felt that there was someone up there with a huge ego, and I felt he had not come from another world, but another dimension, another plane of existence. It dematerialised and not long afterwards and went back to the world it belonged to.”

by Ed Casson, Maghull and Aintree Star

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