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Sunday, March 9, 2008

ET Is Knocking On Our Door! Will You Let Him In?

When the truth is what you seek!

ET is knocking on our door! Will you let him in?A PUFOIN CommentaryBy John Jaeger

The latest wave of UFO sightings begs to ask several questions. We know that UFO's have been around long before the 1940's when they became more a part of the public awareness. But what about this current wave? Why are there so many more credible and public sightings in 2007/2008 than ever before? Are we being "groomed" for the official "first contact" scenario?
Contactee's have long stated that the secrecy behind the UFO phenomena would come to a spectacular end as the public awareness and acceptance became common place. It is alleged (it's impossible to know for sure since there have been so many statements and retractions regarding this event) that a recent United Nations conference on the UFO topic was held in February 2008 and it discussed the current state of affairs. There was also discussion about neighboring countries and the risk that non-affiliated nations may open their files before the G8 countries are ready to unmask this reality. More can be read here.
Commentator's note: Regardless of the validity of the UN Conference, the points that are raised are valid and worthy of exploration and thus this article will continue to focus on this event and the question that arise from such a Conference; real or imaginary.
The first question that must be asked and was certainly alleged to be a key focus of the UN summit is simply, "How will this impact the economical stability of a country?". We're all so very comfortable in what we know to be true and real. Our reality affords us routine and what I'll call "normality". However, for those who have had UFO contact; observations; sightings and other strange phenomena, life is anything but "normal". Those who come out and share their experiences are considered charlatans. This is part of the World Government's efforts to cover up the phenomena in order to maintain control and avert panic. Or so, this is what they say and what they believe would be the outcome. My position on this is to say that we have been "conditioned" to feel threatened by the idea of ET. Some of our earliest radio and television depicted ET as hostile. Case-in-point is "War of the Worlds™®©". How would you expect a society to react if you broadcast that we're under attack by hostile Martians?
We really need to consider bigger questions and look at the answers with a more open mind. If ET is truly is here, he is advanced far beyond anything we can imagine. He has conquered the ability to fly through space and time. He may even have the ability to travel inter-dimensionally. He certainly has the ability to cloak his craft and only become visible as he desires (or at least in most cases). Furthermore, we can't exclude all of the experiences of so many legitimate and honest folks who have nothing to gain by revealing their experiences. If often makes me wonder just how many others are out there who are afraid to "ruin" their lives by coming forward.
The 2008 rash of sightings are becoming more and more public in nature and much larger of an experience. The 2007 sightings in Mexico are still unexplained to this day. Hundreds of white orbs floated through the sky at high altitude. The Phoenix lights is another example of a legitimate sighting witnessed by an entire city on onlookers.
The other anomaly we must consider are Crop Circles. Many have been decoded to reveal "future events". The problem is that we don't have the proper reference at the time of their making to decode them. It's only after the event that we're able to look back and say - "ahhh, that's what this means."
If we were ET for a different world of less advanced folks, how would we make our presence known? Consider a world that is on the brink of becoming a member of a Galactic society. They've managed to avoid destroying themselves and they've achieved space flight and reached a level of technology, which allows them to become part of a Galactic Society somewhere in their not-so-distant-future. We have to accept that the measurement of time is only relative to the person measuring time. So, a few hundred years to us may only be a short time frame for a more advanced society. Every day, science is discovering new elements to our reality that force us to question our own understandings. So, back to the original question. How would we make ourselves known? How would we address what we'd know to be the most common reaction to the idea of "we are not alone"? The answer is that we'd slowly phase into the collective consciousness through greater visibility. Wouldn't crop circles and public aerial demonstrations be part of the process? Wouldn't predicting future events that could be decoded after the event force the scientific community of that world to accept the reality? Eventually?
If I'm right and time is only relative to the person measuring it; all of this may simply be a blink of an eye for another race of beings looking to make contact. Even if time is consistent through out the Universe; an advanced culture with the ability to travel through time would still look at time as a moment. Their actions here and now set the stage for the contact later on, which may only be a quick jump forward for these beings. For us, it's been over 50 years. For them, it's just a flip of a switch on their navigation system. They get to go back and forward as many times as necessary in order to bring about the desired result. Selecting significant Cosmic events and then creating crop circles to predict them would be a child's play for these advanced ET's.
Is our society ready? Have we been conditioned enough to be accepting of ET? What has always amazed me is that our Government's stand in fear. They can not adequately defend against a malevolent ET, so their only answer is to keep it secret and hidden from public awareness. Government's are also concerned about the exploitation of the fears of a nation by another nation. There is no doubt that some of what we witness in the skies are of terrestrial design. They are the black operations programs of various countries. We know that the US Government is typically 30 or more years ahead of the public domain with respect to technology. We know that this technology is slowly leaked into the public domain and eventually a black operations program is revealed. The reason it is revealed is because the current technology is so vastly ahead of what is revealed that the Government doesn't care if designs get into the hands of other nations. It's "old news". Who'd care about an SR-72 when we have space based air craft and other high tech equipment. This article is being written on a modern marvel that is already outdated!
Our Government's are beginning to realize that the nature of the UFO Phenomenon isn't within their means to control. The Government's are having these secret meetings to plan for the eventuality. The reality of this scenario is that it would be much better to hear the truth from our own Government's than to have a UFO land in a public setting and it's occupants come out and say, "we're tired of waiting. Hi!".
The other interesting point gathered from this meeting is that there are contingency plans for in the event that the UFO flap dies down! The Government's are actually planning to continue the secret if the wave of sightings start to subside. I don't see this as being the future of this reality. It's obvious by the number of world wide sightings; the leaked NASA recordings of "Alien Spacecraft" and "we're not alone" that ET is tired of waiting.
This leaves me with one last question. What will our world be like once disclosure has occurred? Do our parents (our Government's) feel that we're (the citizens) not grown up enough to handle the truth? Learning that we're not alone isn't a bad thing. It actually offers hope! It is what dreams are made of. It means that we're not restricted to this one world. It means that we'll some day have public access to either fly through space or jump through time.
I believe the other big concern is either the collapse of religions or the creation of a new religion. Science is learning the secrets to our DNA. Science is learning that the "missing link" is actually ET intervention. It's certainly not "mainstream" science because too many scientists aren't willing to come out and discuss the truth.
There is proof right here on this planet that other advanced societies lived here long before we did. This planet has known many evolutions of advanced societies. The Pyramids and the Sphinx are dated to 10,000 years or more BCE. Yet, we still teach our children that they were built by the Egyptians. Ancient artifacts found during excavations have turned out to be power sources that can be recreated today and proven to work. Power sources that we couldn't understand until just recently! We had no idea what the "Baghdad Battery" found in Iraq was when it was discovered. It took 20+ years before we had the technology to understand it. Yet, our history states that the Egyptians and early settlers of Mesopotamia were not technologically advanced. If this is so, where did these artifacts come from? For those who are convinced that the Egyptian's built the Pyramids with such precision and alignment, I simply want to know one thing: why can't we do that today with all of our modern technology and machinery to the same level of precision? If we're challenged with all we have and know today, how could these early Egyptian's have truly created such marvels? Heck, look at all of the Pyramids around the world from the same era. How do we explain these?
What of the 2012 Equation? 2012 will not mark the "end of the world" or our stay on it. 2012 is more of a spiritual awakening into a new age - the 5th Mayan World and the Hopi 4th World. We'll have a collective change in our orientation towards one another as we're cleansed of our former prejudices. Will 2012 be an ET event? Will it be the return of the Christ? Could the Christ be a higher ascended being working with young worlds to transform their consciousness into a more spiritual essence? Only time will tell!!
There will always be those who will argue these points and come up with alternative explanations. The reality of this situation is simple. We are not alone. We have never been alone and we're about to have the experience of a life time! Enjoy the ride!
Submitted as "Food for thought..."

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