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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creature of Copper Canyon

From UFO Casebook Forum
Fellow Researchers, If you've visited recently, you may have seen and read the breaking news, I'm posting here in more depth. Firstly, I'm the founder of the Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS) Fellow DAPS investigators, Bob and Todd (names changed to protect their identity), came forward at our meeting on February 19th with a mind-blowing story. What follows is a recounting of what befell Bob on a fateful date this past January...

Having caught a late night movie at a theater in the area, Bob dropped off his friend, Todd, before heading home. With the soaring price of gas, Bob decided to take a deserted country road back to his place, which served as a shortcut. Around 2:00AM in the early morning of Jan 21st, Bob drove East on Copper Canyon Rd. Driving over a railroad crossing, at a sharp bend in the road, something otherworldly suddenly appeared from behind a tree to his left!
The photo above was taken of the illustration Todd drew, after Bob reported to him that he'd seen an "alien" in late January.Slamming on his brakes, Bob was stunned as a thin, gaunt, hairless, long arm, long legged creature, suddenly was caught in the high beams of his headlights. Less than 20 feet away, this weird, 5 foot tall, slumped forward, long fingered entity darted smoothly across the road, alarmingly in 2 seconds flat! However, the real shocker came when it stopped under the yellow light of a streetlamp looming overhead, then turned, glancing in his direction!Like the eyes of a cat, yellow light reflected back at Bob as he tried fighting off the fear of the unknown. A riot of conflicting emotions and questions flooded over him. What the hell was it? What was it going to do? Even as all this began welling up, he stared wide-eyed and shaken, as the unexplained nocturnal visitor silently turned and resumed fast, gracefully sliding strides, thankfully away to his right. Bob's mind whirled as he watched it quickly squeeze through the partially open gate of a driveway. Within moments, while Bob's lungs finally filled with short, agitated breaths, the thing vanished into a line of woods on the far side of a field to the SE. It was so difficult for Bob to come to terms, let alone grasp, what to do after seeing something so profoundly peculiar, at such point blank range. In an absolute state of shock, the rest of his drive home was a blur. Closing and locking the door firmly behind him, the true nature of reality wrestled with everything he had personally ever known. Therefore, it was only natural that he refrained from openly sharing what had happened, fearful people would think him crazy. Eventually though, he told his friend, Todd, days later. Being something of a hand as a graphic artist, Todd worked extensively with Bob to successfully reproduce the detailed illustration of the being I've termed, the Creature of Copper Canyon.If all this wasn't already amazing enough, earlier that very evening, around the stroke of midnight, Mary and I witnessed a glowing, amber colored, chevron shaped object zooming through the sky. The UFO appeared to only be about 1000 feet up, and moved like a stone skipping across the surface of the water. Looking up through our car's wind shield, we watched the flying object travel SE down McKinney Rd, for the approximate 2 seconds it was visible.
The picture of the UFO above was taken by Charles Miller, in North Carolina, in 2007; found posted on I've included it due to the striking similarity between it and the one my wife and I briefly saw on January 20th, 2008.Remarkably, Tuesday, February 26th, Bob phoned, saying he had found the ticket stub, I'd asked him to look for, from the movie he had seen the night of his incident. Our mutual exclamations of surprise must have reverberated for miles, as nagging suspicion became instant realization. The UFO we had seen had taken place a couple of hours removed from Bob's sighting of the Creature of Copper Canyon! For our part, I filed an official report of the UFO sighting with MUFON on January 21st, which can be viewed and verified as a case file at the site - Through getting the image and story out into the arena of public opinion, which has begun by appearing on, we're hopeful that our observations and ongoing research into this bizarre chain of events, may engender others to come forward and share what they know.
Thank You,Lance, FounderDenton Area Paranormal Society
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