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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ufo / Spirit - Comments or Answers Needed

The Paranormal Casebook is asking for your comments.

For larger images click the links at the bottom.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
PARANORMAL UFOs - Paranormal community, your comments are needed!
A little history about this first. The witness lives in Kentucky and a daylight picture of his residence appears above. The individual who took the following pictures originally posted his sightings at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) with the assumption that they were alien oriented UFOs. The MUFON director for the State of Kentucky picked up on his sightings and visited his home on the September 13, 2008. While he was at the home, the MUFON director himself witnessed what the resident had been photographing since early August.
I emailed the MUFON director in Kentucky and he responded with the following."While I have some opinions about the case so far....I have to reserve judgment until we have had a chance to investigate it further...after all we are taking on a case with already over 30 gb's of pictures....the case seems to be more of a spiritual nature but I still can not comment yet."-Earle Benezet.So essentially we not only have the original photographer, we have the director of MUFON for the State of Kentucky as a witness as well.The original pictures (links) that were uploaded directly to MUFON's case management system are found directly above the picture it pertains to. I will also mention that there are three cameras going on and sometimes at the same time. Here is an Exif data viewer to use if you like but make sure you only use it on the originals (urls) and not the pictures that I've posted.I will continue to update his pictures in this same spot as they are made available. Below are 24 originals and this individual has upwards of 100, and possibly more now. I've taken the liberty to zoom into the pictures as to show the pixel distribution. If he's got hundreds of these pictures, I see no reason why he would spend the time trying to modify pixels and I see nothing out of the ordinary in regards to such.The gentleman in Kentucky has a few comments he's made in the MUFON case management system, which I will retrieve and post a little later as well. From reading them previously he does appear to be a spiritual individual as he references God and praying while asking to see such things.
These sightings were from the dates August 1 and 24, September 7, 11 and 13th.Please, please comment if you have any ideas about these pictures. I have opened my comments to 'anonymous' status so there is no need to register and also, no moderator status either so that you can get your comments in easily and quickly. And feel free to take what you wish (pix, links) from this page. The more input the better.
Please post comments. More photos and comments at The Paranormal Casebook
Picture Links kindly provided to me by The Paranormal Casebook Author:


Atrueoriginall said...

Now how did you get those pix to lay out so much nicer. lol Mine are gappy. Pretty eerie, aren't they?

BLASe said...

Yes, they are eerie and beautiful at the same time. Hmmm, I was attempting to put the photos side by side and they did what they wanted, lol.
I don't buy the dust particles or insect theory. I experimented for several months after finding orbs in my photos. This was during and after the ufo incident in 2007. In short, dust and/or moisture, etc. made no sense when looking at the situation in whole.
You are right, that insect would have to be huge.

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