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As Far As I Am Concerned This Is By Far Some Of The Best Evidence

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sasquatch Sightings Continue Throughout Northwest British Columbia, Canada

Published: October 01, 2008 5:00 AM Updated: October 07, 2008 2:18 PM
Bigfoot appears to be on the move through the wilds of Northern B.C.
A rash of three sightings between late July and August have brought about speculation from paranormal specialists as to what the creature might be up to.
In addition to Houston sightings, Larry Sommerfield, a self-proclaimed sasquatch hunter from Terrace has a cast in his possession that he says is a sasquatch print.
Though he wouldn’t tell The Terrace Standard how he came into possession of the cast, it is 16 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and has four toes.
“I don’t know why there is so much activity but I have a researcher friend in Saskatchewan, who thinks it may have something to do with increased bear sightings” Brian Vike, director of Houston British Columbia Canada (HBCC) UFO Research said. “There seems to be a lot more bear sightings nearing hibernation and as the animals move down from the mountains, maybe something else large and hairy is moving too.”
A second hand report received by Vike, about a sighting in the Morgan subdivision, indicates that another Houston resident saw the enigmatic creature in late July, around the same time as Delores Harrie.
“I haven’t been able to connect with the other lady yet, but she is a very credible witness,” Vike said.
Harrie reported a Sasquatch sighting at her home on Buck Flats Road on July 28 to Vike. She made the report 29 days after the sighting simply because she didn’t not know who she should tell.
“It was my neighbour who said Brian was the person to talk to,” Harrie said.
Since her incident, one of the woman’s friends reported a sighting on Telkwa High Road in Moricetown on Aug. 27 and over the summer there have been sightings in Campbell River on Aug. 31.
At the time of the sighting, Harrie heard something crashing outside near her house and her dogs were anxious to get outside.
“I am becoming much more aware of being out here,” Harrie said, adding her home is surrounded by trees and bluffs. “I mean it could have been a moose or something, but you never know.”
At 5:45 a.m. that morning of July 28, Harrie heard her dogs barking at the door. When she went down to investigate she saw that someone or something was rattling the door handle.
She eventually opened the door and the dogs were out like a shot, sniffing out something on he east side of her property.
When she looked out at the side of her house, she saw a creature that was walking on two legs.
“It was huge and it had long hair, not fur — kind of like the kind you see on an ox and a reddish brown, the colour of the trees that are killed by the pine beetle,” said the woman. “And it moved so fast, by the time I opened my door it had run from the porch to the other side of the house.”
Once outside, the dogs pursued the creature it continued along a dried-up ravine and disappeared into a forested area. Her oldest dog didn’t return for three hours.
“I was worried but what do you do, tell people your dog is chasing bigfoot?” she asked. “I drove up and down the road, looking for him and eventually he came back.”
When she went out later that day, she found the area had markings where something very heavy had laid down the grass along the path.
“She was very obviously upset and there was a sighting on Buck Flats near Silverthorne Lake three years ago,” said Vike. “And another one in a different area near the lake.”
When Vike investigated the property, he stood in the same area on the east side of the house where the women had seen the creature in attempt to gauge it’s height.
“I am just over six feet and when I stood there she said she could only see the top of my head,” said Vike. “Whatever the heck she saw that morning, she was able to see from the head to the chest, making it at least seven or eight feet.”
Brian also found that the treed area she indicated the creature disappeared into had disturbances on the path where the grass had been laid down, as if something very heavy had slipped and possibly fallen.
“The creek there is dried up but the ground is still very swampy so I figured I would be able to find some impressions,” said Vike. “I also found what could have been a track with maybe a couple of toes visible but I just can’t be sure.”
Vike didn’t find any other evidence such as hair but he did say that there have been other sighting this summer.
Harrie doesn’t know why the creature would choose to go onto her property, but the experience has left her a little shaky.
“I used to only lock my door once in a while, now I lock it all the time,” she said.
Sasquatch Sighted In The Nass Valley, British Columbia
Date: Approx:2006 ?
Time: Around Midnight.
I never knew you were looking into the Sasquatch too, two years ago we (my husband, our two sons, and I) were driving home from the Nass Valley. It was approximately midnight when I seen something along a hillside. I was driving, but tried to watch this thing, when my oldest son leaned forward from the backseat and yelled "look, a Sasquatch" and than my 2nd oldest son said "holy smokes". Our car lights hit the creature when we rounded the corner and it looked right at us and than bent down (because it was on two feet) and just like, laid down and disappeared.
Read More at HBCC Research

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