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Sunday, October 5, 2008

White Box Shaped Ufo - Man Made or What?

The Observer
It may not be stuff of the X-Files, but a UFO-tracker is reviewing a report of a strange craft seen flying over Sarnia this summer.
The unidentified flying object was reported July 20 at 9:30 p.m. Three people say they saw a white, square-shaped craft flying over an East Street apartment building. It was 30 feet wide,10 feet high and made no sound as it moved east overhead.
“It’s a very, very, very unusual sighting,” said Brian Vike, who catalogues and investigates UFO sightings on his website, HBCC UFO Research.
The three witnesses said the object had a black stripe down the middle and was flying 300-to-400 feet off the ground, far too low for an aircraft, he said.
“I’m not saying it couldn’t be something from ‘out there;’ who knows,” he said. “But when you start to give a description with markings on it, maybe it’s something manmade.”
Vike, 57, has investigated hundreds of reports from his home in Houston, British Columbia. More than one hundred cases came from Ontario this year.
“The idea is to try to investigate and figure out what it is,” he said. “A lot of it is pretty darn easy. When it gets to the really weird stuff that’s when it becomes a problem.”
Police and military officials, who often have sightings reported to them, generally aren’t co-operative, he said.
“You don’t want to make it a conspiracy kind of deal, but come on, something isn’t jibing here.”
Beyond that, it can be tough separating hoaxes from serious reports. Vike recently discovered a faked but exceptionally well-written report sent by a boy in the U.S. Apparently, he wrote it under threat of receiving a “wedgy” from his friends, Vike said.
“I just about flipped. As soon as I found out I pulled the report off (the website). You can see where they’re going sometimes and it just doesn’t make sense.”
But the Sarnia sighting is a fascinating one, he said, although he hasn’t spoken with the witnesses who filed it.
Vike said he believes there is other life in the universe. Most people aren’t reporting seeing aliens, just something unusual, he said.
“The majority of people who actually report these sightings are credible. They’re not saying they saw an alien craft, although there are some. They just saw something that didn’t sort of compute in their head.”
“This one here from Sarnia, this white box-shaped UFO doesn’t fit anything celestial,” he said. “It’s not an astronomical body, so now we’ve got something either man-made or whatever. I don’t like to get too crazy with the whatever, but we may never know.”


Anonymous said...

I saw a huge white box come over the mountains near Olancha, California in the summer of 2011, during the day. The motion was straight over and straight back behind the mts. It's near a military base in Nevada. I was sober. It was unlike anything I've ever seen..

Anonymous said...

I seen the same thing back in 2009 talking on the phone. It came from behind a highway over the trees and after flying a distance about 2-3 times its length it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Idaho rockhounder said...

A friend and I saw a white box in the sky while out in the idaho desert. It was early morning with a clear blue sky. It was quite aways out. It remained in the same location not seeming to move for about 20 min. Then it was just gone. In its place was a small strip of white clouds that we didn't see come in. Found that pretty strange.
This happened about 3 weeks ago in March 2017

Idaho rockhounder said...

Has anyone figured this out yet? What is it?

BLASeS Youtube Player