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Friday, November 28, 2008

UFO researcher holds key to Troodos mystery

A British UFO researcher may hold a vital clue that could help prove a flying saucer crashed into the Troodos mountains 35 years ago. Gary Heseltine, the editor of the popular UFO Monthly magazine, has taken possession of several items of unidentified debris collected by a former British soldier who claims to have witnessed a UFO fall to earth in 1973. In his detailed account, Corporal Tom Clarke, who was part of a six man British Army unit on a late night patrol recalled what happened when spotted strange lights in the sky. “We were all awoken at about 2am by a brilliant bluish dazzling bright light in the sky, what happened next is hard to explain. There was not an explosion, but we were all hit by a shockwave and fell flat to the ground. The light just disappeared or went out,” Clarke recalled. The team of dazed soldiers quickly found the crash site which was located some 200 metres down the mountain and additional military personal were called in to investigate. The soldiers were ordered to collect debris and place it into black plastic bags; Corporal Clarke managed to conceal some small pieces of golden tinted foil from amongst the wreckage – which is now in the hands of UFO Magazine. “After what seemed like hours a halt was called and we were all lined up and told that under no circumstances were we to talk about what we had been doing and that we were forbidden to take anything from the site under threat of Court Martial. “We were then all taken from the area by helicopter and flown to Alexander Barracks in Dhekelia where we were interviewed separately.I was asked to describe exactly what I had seen and was warned again not to discuss with anyone the events that had occurred.” Soon afterwards all six men who witnessed the crash were posted to different foreign locations and nothing more was heard about events of that night in 1973-- until now. Gary Heseltine is convinced that Clarke has given a credible and genuine account of the mysterious events of 1973.

Source: Cyprus Mail


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