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I have been reading up on everything I can get my hands on lately, trying to figure all of this out. Although I am only posting articles and links I feel are honest, I can't possibly be 100% positive. One of the sites I visited, had me almost convinced it was truth, when in fact it was a joke and they weren't even trying to be serious. This taught me a lesson. The author of the site gave me some simple but good advice and I hope everyone is careful when reading any and all of the articles out there, including on my site. Here is what I was told, "You really have to look at all this stuff with a discerning eye. There is so much just plain garbage out there, and stuff that's outright hoaxes." So, keeping this in mind, enjoy.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Disclosure and Obama

by Bill Cain
Let’s get the easy part out of the way first. UFO’s, some of which are of extraterrestrial origin, exist, and have been engaging earth for decades, if not millennia. Anyone who doubts that statement is either seriously uninformed about the mountain of UFO/ET evidence that keeps surfacing daily, or is in deep denial.
Anyone who immerses themselves in this topic, and thinks about it critically on their own, can only come to one informed conclusion. Those of us who have taken the time to do this are way beyond the debate of whether UFO’s, in the popular vernacular, are real or not. We understand, first and foremost, that these things are neither unidentified by those in the know, nor do they “fly” in the traditional sense of the word.
But why, some may ask, even if the phenomenon is real, is it considered such a big deal? So what, they may argue, if aliens are buzzing around our skies and compromising sovereign air space over countries in every part of the world? They aren’t causing any damage; aren’t threatening us in any perceivable way, don’t appear to want to get involved in earthly affairs, and generally stay at arms length minding their own business. Let’s get on with more important things, right? WRONG. Dead wrong.
“The evidence regarding this phenomenon is clear and overwhelming: It has not been difficult to make a compelling case for the reality of UFO’s per se. What is a greater challenge is elucidating the architecture of secrecy related to UFO’s. But the greatest challenge is explaining the ‘why’. Why all the secrecy? Why a ‘black’ or unacknowledged government within the government? Why hide the UFO/ET subject from public view?”
- Dr. Steven Greer, the world's foremost UFO authority, from his position paper "Understanding UFO Secrecy
Unknown to many people who DO understand UFO reality is the connection of this phenomenon to the geo-political power structure of the world, particularly as it applies to the energy situation, and that how acknowledging this reality stands to disrupt the status quo, the 5 trillion dollar per year fossil fuels industry and decades of control by the power elite. The above article is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to connect the dots about the nature of the cover-up, its history and the implications of continued UFO secrecy.
UFO’s have crashed on terra firma. This is also well documented. Their wreckage, as well as their humanoid occupants in a few cases, have been scooped up, taken to secret locations, studied extensively, and back engineered - meaning that their energy generating technology as well as their anti-gravity technology were figured out a long time ago. But instead of sharing this wondrous knowledge, which would free humanity from its dependence on fossil fuels and the misery that accompanies it, with the rest of the world for peaceful purposes, it was militarized behind 17 layers of secrecy, and seen as a way for those in the rising military industrial complex in the 50’s and 60’s to further their growing globalization aspirations.
This, in a nut shell, is what drives UFO secrecy - Fear – but not in the sense of whether or not the world population at large can “handle the truth” about UFO reality, but rather as it applies to the age-old quest for control and the desire for world domination.
Every time a new president takes the oath of office, there is a flurry of anticipation and hope among those in the UFO awareness community that this finally will be the “disclosure president” – the one who will understand the phenomenon enough to end the decades-long truth embargo that has hijacked human evolution, and caused untold indirect suffering to millions of people worldwide. And every four or eight years hopes are dashed when it becomes clear that the new president, just like those before him, is out of the loop, and doesn’t have the “need to know” authority to penetrate the black world of UFO secrecy.
As important as 9-11 Truth is, UFO Disclosure is even more so. For while both of these important hidden truths would expose the ruling elite for who, and what they are, and lead to the end of evil control by these monsters going back hundreds of years to powerful European families, UFO Disclosure would take things a few steps further.
Peaceful cooperation and exchange among our space visitors, and full acknowledgement of their technologies, which are estimated to be millions, and in some cases billions, of years more advanced than our own, would be possible. Some contactees have already reported that these beings, from as many as several hundred different civilizations throughout the cosmos, are here to assist us through the self-destructive adolescent stage of our evolutionary development. Though these contactees maintain that extra-terrestrials regard this world as our responsibility, and that they are not here to interfere or to save us from ourselves, the answers to some of our most pressing problems like ending war and disease, and saving the biosphere from pollution, would most likely emerge from full and open engagement with the space visitors.
Additionally, honest UFO Disclosure would short circuit the elites’ plan for their own form of Disclosure – one wrapped in xenophobia for the purpose of furthering their own sick agenda of global control. According to Dr. Greer, there is also ample evidence gathered for his Disclosure Project of a planned false flag alien attack from outer space to be rolled out at just the right time when the people of earth need to be rallied behind those ready to protect them and thwart such an attack. If 9-11 worked so well in providing a pretext for a phony “war on terror”, think of what could happen with a phony “war on the aliens”.
The Obama administration, though already perceived by some to be controlled by the same anti-Disclosure forces that have existed since the time of Truman, has shown a reason for a glimmer of hope. His Jan 21, 2009 memorandum clearly supports the Freedom of Information Act, with more transparency and less secrecy in government, which some see as an indication he could force this issue. John Podesta, who has already played a role in the Obama administration’s selection of key people, was an outspoken advocate for UFO Disclosure under Clinton, and is on public record for saying as much.

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