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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dr. Steven Greer's Latest Tweets Re: Sirius the Documentary

Dr. Steven Greer: 

" I was offered $2 billion in 1992 to shut up. I didn't. I have given up over $400,000 a year in income as an MD."

You can see the tweet's below along with the questions asked : Dr. Greer's Twitter

Yes- even Chimps and Apes are 96-97 identical genetically to humans...An upright humanoid and humans be very closely related.

The specimen pre-dates human ability to do that

About a year of manual DNA analysis is needed and a proper expedition to the Atacama desert to see if there are more beings.

It is NOT a fetus. The rest is partially true- found in Chile, now in Spain.

In 1902 Tesla and Stubblefield had free "earth energy" system running his farm. Why are we all using oil, gas and coal in 2013? Petrofascism

Let's come together and usher in the end of oil and the beginning of a new and transformed civilization on earth!

The bigger story: The energy and propulsion technology behind UFOs is ruthlessly suppressed- as we kill our planet with oil and coal.

CT Scan shows internal organs- specimen most certainly not a hoax- although we do not know WHAT it is! Humanoid, but no known human defect

Claim the Atacama humanoid is a 15-20 week fetus: Nonsense - Google X rays of that and see the difference vs those in Sirius trailer. No way

I do not personally have the specimen. It is in an institute in another country outside of the US.

We cannot state the Atacama humanoid is ET. But it is not any form of human ever seen. It lived for years on earth. It is not a fetus. So?!

The big story on the Atacama humanoid is the clinical medical one- much more so than the genetic one. The report is amazing- releasing soon.

I would estimate well under 2 feet for an adult.

The CSETI moto is "One Universe- One People" circa 1990. We may find that is is more true than we could have imagined then...

I have been threatened in the past month. Yet here I am. You decide.

None of the genetic markers for the skeletal system we see () are present in the DNA analysis to date. Strange.

This will remain an unknown humanoid. We need an expedition to the Atacama desert, where I understand there may be more of these beings.

FYI: Neanderthals are 99.5% identical to human; Chimps: 96-97 %. Atacama humanoid skeletal findings not matching w known human mutations etc

Breaking News: Atacama Humanoid: 10% of DNA "not matching" according to top scientists/labs. More than just DNA "junk": Reports next week.

Remember: there is NO DNA database of ET DNA, only earth species. So....

The big story on the Atacama humanoid is the clinical medical one- much more so than the genetic one. The report is amazing- releasing soon.

human - like, much human DNA- but not clearly human, so...still an unknown.

We'll unveil the current results in the film.

ETs and UFOs are real. Unveiling how UFOs move and from whence they get their energy will give us a new civilization on Earth. It is time!

Atacama humanoid: ET? Human? both? It is not a fetus, it is not a hoax- it is 6 inches and lived outside the womb for up to 6 years.

If you cannot make the Premiere, you can watch Sirius the movie at the same time at

  1. Look for Sirius, the Movie. Can be viewed world-wide at on Earth Day April 22 at 8p PDT. Be with us virtually in LA!
  2. At what time can we watch the movie in France or in general Europe time? Please let us know. Thanks.
It will be continuously available as video on demand after 8 PM PDT April 22 at . And with French Subtitles!

Re: comment in the HuffPo: The humanoid specimen is real, not a hoax and most certainly is NOT an aborted fetus. Scientists have confirmed.

Re: comment in the HuffPo: The humanoid specimen is real, not a hoax and most certainly is NOT an aborted fetus. Scientists have confirmed.

How can a 6 inch humanoid live for up to 6 years on earth without life-support? The Enigma continues - and more questions than answers.

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