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Friday, August 8, 2008


You may like to know the Watchfield Windfarm circle was situated on the site of the first ever green gathering festival. this info came from the horse drawn travellers living there.

Julie OBrien

Images Frank Laumen

The shovel part sure looks like the crop circle. It even seems to have as many "blades" (18, perhaps 19-20). And this is to dig coal... Isn't it quite a statement to have a picture of a coal digging device next to some windmills, as they are competing energy sources? On the other hand, the crop circle could also be portraying a water mill...Martin Keitel
When I looked at the Watchfield formation, right next to the wind turbine, I was immediately struck by the similarity of the outer rings of the three parts of the formation to the shape of a water turbine, so I Googled it and note that what I had in mind is a Pelton turbine. This is a high-efficiency design that has been around for many years for hydro electric power. If you paste the following words into Google and open the top link that Google produces you will see some illustrations:-
Pelton turbine Wikimedia Commons
The Wikipedia entry on Pelton turbines starts
Pelton wheels are among the most efficient types of water turbines. It was invented by Lester Allan Pelton (1829-1908) in the 1870s, and is an impulse machine, meaning that it uses Newton's second law to extract energy from a jet of fluid.
I have seen one on display at the hydro electric station at Mary Tavy on the western side of Dartmoor, which generates electricity from water flowing from the moor. (The one on display is actually the original one from when the hydro station was first built).
This seems to me an interesting juxtaposition, right next to the wind turbine…..
Geoff Lawrence.

The sights below have some wonderful images and info on these crop circles.

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