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My family and I have been witness to multiple ufo sightings. I am not here to debate this issue. I am here to help get the information out there that these things are very real.
I urge people to do some research on this.

The relentless efforts of UFO researchers to expose the truth regarding UFOs and Extraterrestrials is about to bare fruit. We should keep the pressure on the government to release top-secret UFO files in order to explain the abductions and extraterrestrial activities on Earth:

I have been reading up on everything I can get my hands on lately, trying to figure all of this out. Although I am only posting articles and links I feel are honest, I can't possibly be 100% positive. One of the sites I visited, had me almost convinced it was truth, when in fact it was a joke and they weren't even trying to be serious. This taught me a lesson. The author of the site gave me some simple but good advice and I hope everyone is careful when reading any and all of the articles out there, including on my site. Here is what I was told, "You really have to look at all this stuff with a discerning eye. There is so much just plain garbage out there, and stuff that's outright hoaxes." So, keeping this in mind, enjoy.

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Note: Most of my info comes from very talented bloggers and Youtubers (note: many Youtube videos are unfortunately being removed by Google), one of my sources is the author of Alien Casebook - Alien, UFO, Paranormal (A TRUE ORIGINAL), who was kind enough to create the header for my blog. If you want any news about ufos or aliens you go there.

As Far As I Am Concerned This Is By Far Some Of The Best Evidence

This video was borrowed from charliegee1111111111 on Youtube.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Detailed Report On Aerial Phenomenon With Witness Statements

Channel Islands UFO Report

I found the drawings that Captain Boyer drew of the ufos seen very interesting to me because my brother has actual video footage of one of the craft we have seen and it appears to be the same type as in this report.

The report is very long.

View the Full Report Here

In the list of possible explanations, you won't find "extraterrestrial spacecraft", "alien mothership" or similar.

"We are unable to explain the UAP sightings satisfactorily without either a) discounting at least some significant features of the reports, or b) doing violence to at least some conventional meteorological optics or conventional EQL phenomenology. We hope that readers of this report will find it helpful in deciding which (if either) of those courses of action seems the more reasonable and economical."

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