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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cure For The Common Cold - Alien Technology

Visoki Decani Monastery Kosovo, Yugoslavia Scene from Crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Christ painted in 1350

If anyone takes the time to examine the evidence a person must come to the conclusion UFOs exist. I have noticed better and more detailed video and photos are being taken as more people have digital cameras, phones with cameras and video equipment. We have over a thousand cases with occupants being seen. The UFOs regularly hover over our airfields, nuclear sites, power plant, hospitals, and schools and chase our aircraft, ships and trains. We have numerous cases where UFOs are spotted and our animals verify they are also aware of the visitors. We have some sixty UFO events per hour, that often effect witnesses in numerous ways. They seem to operate with electromagnetic propulsion that could change the propulsion system and our reliance on foreign oil. Virtually every time the Shuttle flies or cosmonauts go into space their cameras pick up UFOs. It would seem that any nation that understands the propulsion system and advanced technology of UFOs would become rulers of the planet. Even today our aircraft are no match for the speeds and maneuverability of UFOs. -
There are other aspects of UFOs such as the advanced healing techniques reported of the UFOnauts that should be researched. I had two medical doctors examine the two foot long horizontal scar across the chest of an abductee. They could think of no medical reason for making such a long incision on the chest of this man. However, the scar proved the incision had occurred and healed in a matter of hours by a green light. The UFOnauts used a pencil like flashlight to make the incision and close and quickly heal the wound. There are numerous examples of cuts, biopsy, scars, implants that should be examined by the medical field. My research indicates the UFOnauts use light to heal, rather than drugs. Picking up on these stories I have researched the concept of healing by light in various color frequencies. I have a history of colds and flu like symptoms for virtually every year of my life that have never been prevented by flu shots or really prevented or helped by modern medicine. Discussing this problem with a UFO researcher and patent developer Curtis Cooperman he suggested light treatment. Using a simple lime green light I have gone more than a year without a cold.
Using a lime green light whenever my wife or I suspect we’re coming down with a cold or the flu we have reversed the effects and stayed healthy. I mentioned this result to my Doctor who simply stated, "Whatever works, science has now cure for the common cold." Billions are spent on drugs and virtually no research is being conducted in the medicine and treatments apparently used by the UFOnauts.
Source: Filer's Files find much more info


Atrueoriginall said...

The reason why there is no rush to cure the common cold is because science thinks that colds help the human body to build it's various defense systems.

It is said that without cold viruses we may not have even existed.

The result of the common cold are built up defense systems for the flu and worse. Without those defense systems we wouldn't have been able to fight off anything.

Anyway, here's something more interesting though.

The Hebrews had “folk remedies” that said, “onions were a battlefield balm for wounds” and “colds were treated with onions”.

They were later called wives tales by the people, but Louis Pasteur found out that the onion was an antibacterial and a Russian scientist said that onions block viruses that cause colds.

In other words, if you put onion in your daily diet you should have much f ew colds if any. I haven’t had a cold for over three years.

If everyone ate onions on a daily basis for a few years, we might stink up the place, but we could literally reduce the greater numbers of colds.

BLASe said...

Thanks for that, it is very interesting.

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