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Thursday, September 18, 2008

UFO Video Posters On Youtube Dropping Like Flies!


Like others, so many of my videos are from Youtuber aceBryan7ox.

Some feel they are being removed because of a censorship issue:

I warned about this before and now it's happened. You Tube has taken off the #1 most popular UFO video poster.I knew it was a matter of time because this is how censorship works with Google. Post too many UFO videos and get too much of a following and you are considered a threat so you are cut off. Before you think that it was due to copyright, ace was always very selective in his video clips and many were just of ufo videos captured by the public.AceBryan7ox had almost 900 of the best UFO videos under his belt and it's a travesty that this has happened.This is why in the past I have urged video posters and the public to use instead as it is located in France and not bound to manipulation forces that You Tube faces in the USA. In fact, if you check the UFO videos on dailymotion you can clearly tell that they are of a much more sensitive nature than those in You Tube.Also, I checked my You Tube subscriptions today and UFO video posters are dropping off like flies.Others that have been removed from You Tube are as follows.1. freeforyoutohave2. UFOdude923. brancoiii4. shell

While others feel it is a money issue:

I think the only reason they're yanking these guys is to reduce their bandwidth. When they need to do such things they look to see who's using the most bandwidth, and only then they look to find copyright infractions and without warning - you're gone and they just saved a lot of money on next month on bandwidth.I see no other reason they would remove all of their videos without notification. Instead, with someone with 900 videos in You Tube, they simply could picked out the infractions to delete and leave the others alone. Instead, we're now with 900 You Tube videos of Brian's. There are a few other You Tubers that bit the dust more recently as well and they're listed below. It's not about broadcasting and educating, it's all about capitalism and money first. If you are a video poster take REAL UFOs advice below. Who wants bets duderinok as the next to go.

Source: Alien Casebook
Also Source: Real UFOs


Atrueoriginall said...

Yea, I'm in the forum looking for replacement videos and thus far I've had to delete over 60 YouTube video addresses because of Bryan's recent situation with YouTube.

I've got another 600-700 YouTube addresses to check out and I imagine when I'm done, I will have lost at least half of those. A considerable amount of the same videos (same title) were not uploaded by another YouTuber. Either that or they were rarities.

I'm so angry I could spit. YouTube really needs a serious policy change on violations. Taking one video down sounds a lot more reasonable than deleting the whole membership.

I guess YouTube doesn't care about those that pick their YouTubes up for their blogs, websites, and forums so I'll do the right thing and not make a point, ever again, to upload large numbers of YouTubes unless Live, Daily Motion or some other video website don't have it available. YouTube is not worth it.

BLASe said...

Yes! What a mess Youtube has created for many of us. I am going to have to go through all of the videos now and rectify the problem. Many of my posts won't be worth even keeping without the videos >:(

Atrueoriginall said...

You know what else is weird. Bryan is a straight up guy. Everyone liked him. He was particular about what he posted. And, he's been there a very long time so why now. I had YouTubes of Bryans missing that I originally posted in September of 2007, so that's a year of no problems and then suddenly he's history?

That's why I think it was a bandwidth thing. If YouTube is in a tightening belt mode, it wouldn't be difficult to find the high bandwidth posters and then seek for infringement - even if it's infractions.

Google may own YouTube but it sure isn't run like Google people. It can't be, too many poor decisions. I mean really, who would have made a decision to take down 900 YouTubes that would affect hundreds upon hundreds of websites, forums and blogs.

I was affected by the loss of YouTubersf shelle1even and freeforyoutohave as well. shelle1even had some videos that cannot be found anywhere in the world and they're all gone now.

BLASe said...

Argh! I just removed 9 links to some of my favorite videos. That was painful. Still have more to go.

Atrueoriginall said...

Did you look first for a YouTube from someone else?

BLASe said...

I will go see. Did you have much luck finding some of yours? I just don't know how worth it it would be if I go and post another link only to have them remove it too.

BLASeS Youtube Player