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I have been reading up on everything I can get my hands on lately, trying to figure all of this out. Although I am only posting articles and links I feel are honest, I can't possibly be 100% positive. One of the sites I visited, had me almost convinced it was truth, when in fact it was a joke and they weren't even trying to be serious. This taught me a lesson. The author of the site gave me some simple but good advice and I hope everyone is careful when reading any and all of the articles out there, including on my site. Here is what I was told, "You really have to look at all this stuff with a discerning eye. There is so much just plain garbage out there, and stuff that's outright hoaxes." So, keeping this in mind, enjoy.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Extraterrestrial Messages and Why We Are Here On Earth

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Learning about this world, galaxy, and universe is only part of the truth. Learning that we are more than our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies is equally important.
We are just beginning to raise the consciousness of the whole world in a global community. There will be many beings that will pass from earth never realizing the next level of the game of life. This is unfortunate but we have a world called reincarnation that may offer their loved ones solace. There are people on earth who can contact these beings that are still able to remain in contact by sound waves of the Akashic Field. Some beings choose to stay on earth because they believe in the old programs which were taught on earth. They are myths and religions on earth.
There are other dimensions and although we cannot go back in this time on earth, there are other places in our minds which are real and exist.
Some beings come and visit us on earth in our dreams where time travel is entirely possible. Some of us are accomplishing great things in our minds. The truth of existence as part of the Omnipresence exploring the energy of creation is only one message.
There are ways to accomplish more than being a human, intelligent sentient being on earth. There are many places to explore and some take their physical bodies and some take only their spiritual bodies.
My life has been on physical form in this life and on other occasions. I am in the process of exploring other worlds, other dimensions, and other beings not of earth.
I do not use drugs or mind altering infiltrations into my mind or body in any way. I do not believe in stimulants, however I can take or leave caffeine in cola and tea. Water serves me perfectly well. Not all beings have learned to control their yearnings and cravings. This is one of our lessons in order to become an Ascended Being and to learn to travel with other higher more intelligent Supreme Beings.
We are only programmed by others if we allow this to happen while in earthly form on earth. Learn to control thoughts and energy. This is part of our training on earth. We must learn how to leave earth once and for all without having to return. This is one of the major keys of time travel. Learning to come and go at will. But, there is a price.
There are extra terrestrial beings who are our Guides but only after we reach a certain level of being. We must learn to control our inner and outer awareness. There are teachers and students of this extraterrestrial phenomena.
Many beings on earth are not aware that they are programmed and prefer to remain this way. Many who actually wake up to the world around them and stop appearing as sleep walkers become aware of a whole new reality that others are not party too.
If the exo-political group will begin to learn about awareness inside instead of outside they too can learn to view extra terrestrials and UFOS. There are lessons for all beings on earth. It simply depends on the student and the path chosen to learn.
Sentient intelligent beings come to earth and prepare to learn what lessons are offered. There are many levels of existence and those who are only aware of a physical reality are not awakened to other possibilities. This will change in time. Some will awaken to the energy that was taught by Meta physicians and prophets. Some will be taught by Mother Nature in the school of hard knocks. Some will learn from psychics and oracles.
Be cheerful and present with all. Be one with each day and all that surrounds you. You may feel as one and alone but you are part of the all as one.
Learn that there are lessons to learn and this is what we are on earth to explore. We are about learning to communicate and explore with other parts of ourselves, such as the omnipresence. We should be habitually doing our duty to enjoy ourselves as we explore, grow, and learn. We have a duty to stay alive and to learn the importance of the events of the day.
We should all know that energy is created to explore and learn and to understand.
We are all here to learn that there are other presences in the omnipresence, which exist in many places outside of our own selves. There are many beings that are going to be revealed in the future and some may have more power and knowledge than we may have on earth. We should accept these beings as our kind. Our mantra should be that we are growing and progressing into more than we are. We know we are immortal and the master of our own fate. We should greet the unknown with a cheerful heart and mind being armed with the philosophy that understanding is power. We are all searching.

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