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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Message From The Pleiades Regarding The Aftermath Of First Contact

Exact Replica of The GFL Ship In My Dream

This is a message I received today from a being named Sahaja who resides in the Pleiades she is a very beautiful being of light who was very insistent that I share this message and my dream related to this with the world, first I will share the message I received and then I will share my dream that I had before our actual communication.
The Warning Message:It is known to many of your planet that changes are both forthcoming and immanent, but there are other things to take place that your civilization does not yet know about, very soon in your skies as you already know there will be an appearance by the federation of light ship but there will also be another ship entering your atmosphere with negative intentions.
This ship unlike the GFL ship will be made of a metal unknown to humanity and will represent the common ships commonly reported in UFO sightings and abductions, this ship will come with intentions of war and control over your civilization, it shall be known that this ship is not associated with the GFL, it is a reptoid ship who are intent on using your worlds present instability for their own STS(Serves To Self) purpose, nothing will be done about this because your government is in alliance with these negative beings and believe they will have a place of power among said beings.
This unfortunately is not true your rulers will fall under the control and power of the reptoids very soon and so to will the reptoids be stripped of their powers and ability to dominate your world any longer, they have dominated long enough and it is time to set your civilization free from their false religions and doctrines, a war will take place in your skies between one of the GFL ships and the reptoid mother ship in order to eliminate this global threat that soon approaches, the reptoids will fall and your world will be returned to its original beauty and your civilization will be made aware of the truth of their origins.
During this time it is important to know the differences between the GFL ship, the reptoid ship and the project blue beam scheme that will be imposed as a brainwashing method by your governments and the only way to truly know this is by two methods:
1. The GFL ship is made of a beautiful light and maneuvers in a fashion that is not achievable by another ship or light show, it will also remain air born at all times and will attempt no contact with your world for now as the GFL will only attempt to clarify their existence during this mission.
2. No matter what is created on earth or what ship visits your world you will in no way be confused as to who comes in love and peace because you are a part of us the GFL and the Pleiades you know us and always have known us, we have communicated with you since the dawn of man and even if some have been blocked by the reptoids to hear our communications during the arrival of the GFL your memory will return and you will remember who we are and you will feel our intense love for you, you will remember how to connect with spirit instantly and your intuition will soar, nothing can recreate intuition of the soul, your soul has always known what is wrong and right and will always know, you will know we are of you, we are from you and for you.
Now with great regret I must end this communication but do remember that I and all of this world and all who are a part of the GFL love you very much but we are not your GODS we are your brothers and sisters and cosmic friends a very big extended family if you will, now as we commonly say: Keep vigilant and trust only your souls natural intuition process.
Peace And LoveSister Sahaja
It was before this message that I had an unusual dream in where I was sitting at a cafe in my home town and there was a GFL ship in the sky above but in my dream at this time it was a common thing to see the GFL ships in our skies, the ship was very beautiful and emanated pure love and light, it appeared white and made of light almost like a very bright lit up cloud but it was solid…but peace was soon disturbed as a metallic saucer shaped object entered our atmosphere shooting fiery like beams at our earth, but the GFL ship quickly perused it and put an end to its reign of terror, the ship once disabled was examined and contained about 4 reptoid beings who were mostly dead if not mortally wounded….It is important that you wake up for your disillusioned world before you are taken by surprise and given a very rude awakening…the transition to enlightenment can be very difficult to some of you but if you take the chance to open your mind and hearts you will see that truth lies within you already all you have to do is look with newborn eyes, wipe away all the misconceptions laid upon you and keep vigilant.
Love Light And BlessingsYshatar


Eske said...

But what is this new world meant to be? A world that can cater to everyones ideal wouldn't be perfect at all. It would be a paradox.

As a young person I don't have much worldly experience. I don't understand how illusion is such a major problem. A religion gives a person hope, allows them to open their heart and trust in something and have faith. To rip such a thing away from a person is cruelty. I couldn't do it how can you?

But that is only one example.

Our leaders may be corrupt, most of our world may follow. But there will always be a hidden beauty in something, that is what makes it so much more precious.

People seek to change the world, in order to make it beautiful.

Failing that you seek to change it back to what it originally was. I feel that as a human, we see the past and the future through rose coloured glasses. For every action has an opposite and equal reaction, with every evil there is also good.

Beauty? The world already is, if we change it further, we will simply cause it to destabalise more.

That is what worries me the most. We bring more good and the opposite will grow as well.

julio said...

Hello! I am glad

julio said...

hello everyone.. i am pleased that this information is being shared with the world...
Its about time we understand that we are a reflection of the creator, our role is to give life, and help sustain life, we have been in ignorance too long... a change is comming.. not necessarily bad, but necessary yes! too many people in this world get to be 70+ years old, but spiritually they are still infants... if we are too remember our origins we MUST accept that we are beings of life capable of wonderful things... as beings of lights we are travelers, having the need for a physical body to live in this physical world, but our bodies are no more than a vessel... open your eyes which are a window to your soul... we have never been alone and never will be. RESPECT our creator, there is ONLY ONE! religion does not exist... why? because they are methods created by man... Instead of being consumed by what method you need to follow we should be concerned by how can we heal our planet, love for one another...
We have had many messengers in our past history with a mission to show us who we are and what we are capable of...But this worlds ignorance has made you treat them like GODS... The creator is ONLY ONE... My only hope for is that humanity wakes up...realises we have been taking our fragile life sustaining world for granted... we were placed on this planet to protect it, heal it, learn from it, grow spiritually and by doing so fulfill our true destiny as beings of LIGHT...

seethroughme said...

I don't want them, anyone or anything to die in such a way. They need to see the light and beauty as much as anyone else does. Love is unconditional. If you want to believe anything, believe in what love makes possible.

Anonymous said...

Love is a word that describes a connection.

Kevin Bloom said...

I believe they are coming soon. They will take all of the star children away. I wrote a poem about it. Its called the great information gap. Please check it out on my blog,

Clark Winter said...

You must research the number one witness of the Pleiadians and his communications with them. Search: Eduardo "Billy" Meier. An old man from Switzerland. A man who has had first hand communication with photos and videos. A person, who has actually been on their ship measuring planetary atmospheric chemical equations of other planets and even visiting their planet as well, which is somewhat similar to our Earth. Documented and published by Meier before being corroborated by modern science, in some cases, decades in advance. Check publications in library. The Writings Of Eduardo Billy Meier. Learn our true history and future.

Thoughtscape said...

The Peiades cluster is made of very young stars, only 900 millions years old, if they have planets they did not have time to cool down… they might look like the proverbial Hell, Purgatory. I believe there are many other civilizations out there…but not in the Pleiades cluster. “This is a message I received today from a being named Sahaja who resides in the Pleiades she is a very beautiful being of light who was very insistent that I share this message and my dream related to this with the world”… and my answer for you and Eduardo "Billy" Meier is … I don't buy it ha, ha, ha Octavian

Anonymous said...

I believe if people want answers they are in the bible. Get to know your god and jessus and may the holy spirit open your eyes. If aliens exist they are surely demons who would atemt to steel salvation. Those who believe in jessus should not fear demons for god is with us.

Anonymous said...

I am a 60 year old Christian that was baptized in the Holy Spirit 30 years ago, with evidence of praying in tongues. I am sorry that you posted dogma here. A loving God who created the vast universe , who loved abundance...why do you limit His power? Do you suppose that we are the only humanoid creatures created from billions of stars and constellations? My dearest Christian, you need to pray and open your heart to the light of God, for if you stay within the right track, the lower levels of Spirituality cannot harm you. Jesus gave us dominion over the powers of darkness. And with the power of discernment, you would know this.

Blessings to all - peace out!

Anonymous said...

So what if people don't believe in god that's there right. If you all want the truth and facts go to INFORWARS.COM or PRISONPLANET.COM. Don't be a slave to global tyranny. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

what laughable bullshit. Uneducated morons posting their dreams. Wow. The interwebs give rise to a forum for your fantasies.
Sure, there are extraterrestrials. Sure some of them look human. Billy Meier may have been visited by them. Travis Walton clearly details his experience to include human looking aliens. But to conclude all this other BS is erroneous and damages the real and valid information about ET presence on this planet. "Beings of light" and other nonsense just puts all the Disclosure process in a ridiculous light more open to ridicule than objective analysis. As for Alex Jones, man, he is laughing all the way to the bank on your gullibility. Empiricism, empiricism, empiricism.

Anonymous said...

It's almost unbelievable people believe this kind of thing..

Kearra White said...

Quite interesting consider Adam and eve were not the first "people" on this Planet we call earth. When Cain killed Abel he was cast out of the Garden of Eden. Where he then started HIS family. Where did this woman he needed to start a family with come from ???..

Anonymous said...

The woman was Lilith, the first wife of Adam,
Research it on YouTube you can find many documentaries. She was also cast out, and made it her existence to destroy Adam's descendants.

BLASeS Youtube Player