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Friday, November 7, 2008

President Obama and UFOs

President Elect Obama appears to have very little interest in UFOs or outer space, but that may change quickly after he is sworn in.
President Elect Obama appears to have very little interest in UFOs or outer space. During a news flap over statements made by Shirley MacLaine last year about a UFO sighting that former Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich had, a number of other Democratic Candidates were asked how they felt about UFOs. Barack Obama told the late Tim Russert of NBC News that he was more concerned about improving the quality of people’s lives here on Earth, than space aliens.
Obviously preferring to focus his attention on solving the terrestrial economic problems of U.S. Citizens, Barack Obama has also sent strong signals to NASA that he has little interest in spending billions of tax dollars on space exploration. He stood with Florida Senator and former Astronaut Bill Nelson at the Kennedy Space Center this past summer to declare that although he would support continued “basic research and development” at NASA over the long term, he would need to find ways to pay for it that would not take money away from programs that help people here on Earth in the short term.
Obama and many other democrats believe that promises made by President Bush regarding future NASA programs involving the Moon and Mars have always been strong on rhetoric and short on funding. Unlike the funded mandate outlined in his famous “We shall go to the Moon…” speech that the late President John F. Kennedy delivered to NASA’s doorstep, the most that Bush and the various incarnations of the U.S. Congress that have existed during his Administration have done is sent the space agency a few dollars to develop vehicles needed to get to those places.
Apart from the fact that big money for space programs has been a hard sell even during the best of economic times in recent years, it’s doubtful that President Elect Obama will be motivated to do much more than just keep the lights on at NASA and allow current plans for the International Space Station to go forward as long as they don’t require too much funding. The real question is what will happen after he is sworn in as the forty-forth President of the United States.
I don’t imagine that there were too many Champaign corks popping at the Pentagon after Obama won the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. President Elect Obama is known to prefer diplomacy to military solutions. Whether he will go as far as former President Jimmy Carter did by trying to dismantle the CIA and cut military spending by billions when he got into office remains to be seen. What does seem to be certain is that not all U.S. Presidents receive the real E.T. briefing. Carter tried to get it from former CIA Director George H. Bush before he replaced Bush with a new director, but was turned down.
Times have changed and it’s entirely possible that Obama will receive a briefing about UFOs and Aliens whether anyone in the military or intelligence gathering community wants him to have it or not. Given the number of UFOs seen worldwide over the past few years and the obvious military responses in the form of jet and helicopter chases, Obama may have to simply join a show already in progress. If that happens, look for the tell-tale changes in Obama’s attitude towards UFOs, Aliens or Space Programs. A sudden and unexpected dependency on the military, a lack of interest in cutting their budget and overall adjustment of his political views may be one sign, but probably not the biggest.
I would expect a world-minded politician like Barack Obama to support UFO disclosure given the diplomatic and international relations possibilities such a move would offer our nation. Especially if he was convinced that extraterrestrials were really visiting our planet and impacting worldwide economies and technologies. Knowing that he could not affect change overnight, Obama might consider supporting disclosure with the hope that he could force the ultimate unveiling of alternative energy sources and new energy efficient technologies that have may have been developed as a result of captured or bartered UFO technology.
Several staff members working for movers and shakers in the Democratic Party have already claimed that some sort of ‘summit’ took place shortly after the Dennis Kucinich UFO affair last year to discuss how the Party faithful would react to UFO incidents in the future. However, most of these Party players probably do not have the clout needed to find out what’s really happening with ET’s and our government. Their responses would merely offer preplanned, politically correct lip service to the subject and Obama doesn’t seem to be interested in that.
As President, Barack Obama’s disinterest in UFOs may serve him better than Bill Clinton’s interest in the subject. Bill and Hilary went out of their way to dig up information about extraterrestrials and the government during their time in the White House. The result was lackluster at best. Military members sent them serve serving reports and briefing statements indicating that there was nothing to the Roswell UFO incident and political cronies were stonewalled at every turn as their tried to unravel the UFO mystery from inside the Oval Office.
I think it’s possible that some UFO insiders in the government may look at President Elect Obama as a sort of ‘clean slate’ type of politician given his statements about change. At best, they will trust him with the UFO secret and look for him to promote disclosure and provide positive leadership in that direction. At worst, they’ll tell him their own version of the E.T. story and use his ability to sway public opinion to maintain control over all things extraterrestrial.
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