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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Prevents Disclosure

Glenn Gould November 13 2008

In determining the motivations for the continuing secrecy about their extraterrestrial associations, it is easy for us to assign human governmental and corporate participants that of greed and power lust. But how should we interpret the silence of our visitors themselves? What particular insight do we have into extraterrestrial behavior that might give us some idea of their ulterior motives for associating with our planet through such a continuous, clandestine and covert manner?
While the obvious duplicity and deceitfulness of our own governments and corporations does not surprise us, the fact that our visitors choose to associate with us only through them may be an indication of either their perceptive abilities in general or their ulterior motives.
We Have Never Been Alone
Researchers and students of alien intervention in human history have developed evidence that the visitors are not strangers to this planet. It may be that these alien visitors are our ancestors or progenitors [1]. The Vatican's chief astronomer, Father Jose Gabriel Funes [2], has suggested that the visitors are simply our brothers. Regardless of our familiar relationship, we must assume that the visitors know more about human behavior than their seemingly innocent and naive choice of diplomatic liaison may suggest.
Are we to assume that an advanced civilization has stumbled upon earth, and has, as part of its normal scientific protocols, revealed itself to the ruling classes of this variegated planet, and has passed revolutionary scientific and technological materiel to the reigning super-powers? Has the same advanced species that guided our evolution from Neolithic times decided to ally itself with the military industrial complex in an act of good faith and honesty? Was it simply bested by our political shenanigans? Are we to believe that now this alien benefactor is having difficulty extricating itself from these relationships and agreements, and only wishes to make itself known to the good people of earth? Is all that is standing in its way merely the entrenched and violent human leaders of this planet?
Perhaps we should rather assume that this secrecy is, by implication, attributable to the visitors themselves, and that their true motives and designs for this planet may be at least as unpalatable as those of their local tetrarchs to date in this truth embargo. For even an imbecilic marketing major could, with appropriate technology, inundate our planet, through its ubiquitous communication channels and resources, with the simple truth that they are here and are our friends [3]. Our visitor's silence may rather be indicative of the true nature of their advances.
We are relatively certain that there are a number of species of non-ordinary sentient life form visiting, or showing up, on earth today. These people are technologically superior to ordinary humans. We perceive that they have been involved with the human condition as far back as we can see, and we find that some of these species have had a hand in our creation [4]. We can also perceive the hand of these people in the development of our social norms, governments, value systems, science and ethics. Acknowledging the persistent presence of these people clarifies a number of mysteries on our planet and in our history.
These people, or similar types, were involved with the ancients and were most likely responsible for the very early and advanced cultures of Sumer, Akkad, Assyria and possibly Egypt [5]. It was their presence on earth that gave us legends of Mu, Atlantis, Lemuria and Shangri-La - the utopian dreams. Societal divisions and religious development of seven millennia are traceable to these people and thus the entire path of human evolution and cultural divergence are in no small part the long work and practice of these people.
Seeing that we have cooperatively made such a mess of this beautiful place already, that their life's work seems to have actually been to change and modify our species into the life forms which do precisely what we do here today, what can be said of the motivations of these people's continuous presence on our planet and their history of relationship with the powers that be?
Reducing the level of confusion and contradiction as much as possible, let us look at a few things in a simplistic manner, taking a very straight forward look at the possible motivations which present themselves in consideration of our guests (or, hosts).
The EBEs which have been prominent in the last three generations are either associated with the more ancient types or they are not. They are either the same ones or descendants of the ones here long ago or they are a group or groups who are not associated with our past. In the latter case, these dozen or more alien species may have simply stumbled upon our wonderful planet, and set to work as they each saw fit upon their several agendas. However, in the former case, current events may be seen as a planned continuation of their purposes from time immemorial.
The preponderance of testimony is that contemporary visitors are an extension of the early missions to earth, and thus, their actions, and perhaps motivations, are relatively easy to assess. Determining the motivation of visitors who are relative new comers may be more complicated, or we may find them to be antithetical to the regime of the previous groups. In fact, Billy Meier's visitors indicated that, indeed, some visitors are now resisting other visitors and that this relationship is actually quite precarious [6]. In any event we may construe continuity between ancient and contemporary visitations and that therefore some cohesion of mission parameters most probably exists, even if some added agency is now involved which complicates the original intention.
By implication, this means that the overall course and direction of human history and its development has been and is being monitored, if not controlled, by our visitors. The litany of tragedy is not some accidental series of unfortunate events, but is a well orchestrated and choreographed performance here on earth. In light of what has happened over the course of human history, perhaps the motives of the visitors can be discerned from a review of the topology of our past.
Modern Man - Homo Technicus
First consider our unique human position on the earth. We do not fit neatly into any organic ecological system, nor do we act within the natural biological balance. We seem to be the only animal that has evolved so far beyond the ability of the environment to withstand that we threaten the entire planet. We seem to be bent on erasing this natural environment and covering the planet's surface with structures or wastelands.
We are highly technological and depend on this technology to sustain us in a naturally hostile environment. We have the technology to destroy our world. Most of the technological advances we have made are related to our ability and propensity for war, or are the result of our innate belligerence. It is this technological bias that has driven us to evolve into the species we are today. We serve as our own natural selection mechanism.
Second, civilizations mysteriously appeared at the onset of recorded history. We continued to build and maintain elaborate civilizations based on hierarchies that have been relatively consistent throughout our history. We, as do many mammals, waive our right to be self-directing, in favor of giving power to some king or leader, following this person or group wherever they choose to take us. These individuals, groups and movements divide us along cultural, national and religious boundaries.
Symbolism and written language seem to have been attendant at the birth of civilization. Our ability to think abstractly gives us our inexplicable predisposition toward faith. This feature underlies and enables all our civilizations and financial systems. It is even quite possible that this is a genetic feature of humanity [7].
Third, we have established faith based monetary and financial systems that depend solely on our ability to conceptualize and use symbolism to place value on abstract concepts or inanimate objects. We believe that there will always be the rich and the poor, those that have and those that have not. There will always be those who seek to gather everything they can, and those who seek to gather anything they can. Our civilizations depend on those that have little forever being servant to those who have more.
We humans are clearly a non sequitur species on this planet. The condition we find ourselves in is not one that follows the natural evolutionary processes [8].
Keeping Secrets
When considering the keepers of the secrets of extraterrestrial involvement on earth, it is easy to be caught in the bow wave of anger directed against the United States and its military industrial complex. It should however be noted that there is at least one other significant party to the deception and obfuscation: the EBEs themselves.
It is relatively easy to understand why governments wish to keep this truth embargo in place. With it, the powers that be, as they are known in some circles, retain their grasp. Or on the other hand, those in control may feel that they are actually preserving our way of life, or our lives in general from the horrors of the actual ET agenda.
Whichever may be the case, it is clear that the ETs are cooperating more with the political diplomats maintaining the embargo than with the exopolitical diplomats working for a full disclosure. And since that estimate is based on empirical evidence, one must wonder why the visitors support the continued establishment controlled cover-up.
Assuming that the ETs are technologically powerful, and able to not only monitor but also edit or create media information on our planet, one might wonder why they have not broken the embargo and sent the world a message. The actions of the visitors are anything but invisible.
Communications with individuals abound in the literature. There seems to be no limit to the information which is passed to individuals on what seems to be a random basis. With some exceptions, there is a great deal of similarity in the testimonies of these people who claim to have had contact with EBEs. After the poking and prodding sessions conclude, there is an overwhelming level of concern for the environment of the planet and the condition of the spiritual awareness of the individual conveyed by the visitors. Both these topics are undoubtedly of fundamental priority and inestimably important, but there seems to be some disconnect between this message and the fact that these witnesses are usually kidnapped and exposed to traumatic levels of personal violation at the time of the briefings. Further testimony by others, including Werner Von Braun, indicate that the EBEs had some significant contact with the Nazis, or had at least some technology transfer at the time, whether intentional or 'accidental'. Could there be some contradiction here, or is our concept of 'spiritual condition' at odds with the EBE's version?
Alleged UN and governmental meetings - between Eisenhower and others, particularly in association with the MJ12 participants - are particularly significant. Such high level meetings, conducted in secret, not publicized at the time and classified above top secret, which effect every person on the planet, seem to have been handled improperly in so far as the EBE anxiety for the general population's spiritual awareness is concerned. In dealing with the leadership of earth, EBEs seem to be missing a fundamental point - humans want to be in charge of earth. How could EBEs make such an obvious mistake in opening up to the powers that be? Did they think for an instant that those in control would find this reality comforting and pass it on to the people of earth?
In fact, there is a continuity here that is perhaps unnoticed at times. For the entire history of modern human civilization, there has always been the sacred and the profane, the open and the secret things, that have been part of religions on earth for many millennia. Priests and prophets on the knowing side, and the people on the other. Secret societies and fraternal orders.
Knowledge is power and keeping the power is of prime importance. So perhaps the 'spiritual awareness' inculcated by the EBEs is a continuation of the awareness of the few practiced on earth since the beginning, and forms a basis for elite dominion in general.
While the EBEs may be closed mouthed about things, it is impossible to hide their actions, both in the past and today. There have been many overt and overwhelmingly noteworthy sightings of UFOs over the years. In July of 1952 a small group of vehicles swarmed the nation's capital in Washington [9]. In recent times, the Phoenix Lights, Chicago O'Hare Airport and the Stephenville Texas sightings garnered worldwide attention. None of these supposed sightings ended in any significant revelation, but only inspired more secrecy and confusion. There has been no "Take Me To Your Leader" event, simply because that meeting has already occurred. Our governments and those in power have no question as to the message of the EBEs.
Messages to the common human through the media infrastructure are present, if confused. These messages hint at the agenda, or agendas, of our visitors. Again an environmental and spiritual emphasis is found in those communications. Claims have been made that EBEs have seeded the thoughts of mankind for years through the entertainment mediums. Many have subscribe to the notion [10] that through fiction and entertainment, the masses can be exposed to otherwise frightening concepts and through gradual release can be made ready to accept the bigger messages which must come only when the civilization is ready to accept it without a high level of fear and denial. While our visitors claim using this method of indoctrination, our government [11] calls it "camouflage through limited disclosure".
Crop circles are taken as communication from the EBEs and, it is believed, offer some kind of message, if these cereoglyphs have meaning. A recent Barbury Castle [12], England circle actually described Pi to the tenth decimal place, but this is a message we have already received some time ago. In general, crop circles have been awarded the dubious distinction of being a form of communication which can be fabricated by both human and non-human entities.
In light of the controlling nature of the current political environment, perhaps communication is restricted from the EBEs due to our own propensity for fabrication and duplicity. False flag operations are a staple in the geopolitical landscape and have been for many generations.
Modern operations in major world cities dwarf previous ploys in their depth of depravity, justifying these deeds by the noble and needful end results achieved. In fascist and militaristic cultures, and in 'free' societies, these activities are essential for large-scale paradigm adjustment. Obfuscation and camouflage are classic counterintelligence operations.
Apparently both our governments, the human and the ET's, seem to feel that secrecy and obfuscation are essential to this relationship. Philip Corso indicated that the first response by Truman's Working Group on the events surrounding ET presence was to build a government within a government [13]. It was felt that the only way to keep the information secret regarding the Roswell event and the subsequent work of the defense department on reverse engineering the technology found there was to keep it secret even from ourselves. Over time, the original working group fell apart due to "a power struggle", according to Corso, and the compartmentalized groups doing the work on particular projects operated "as if some super intelligence group was still in command." [14] The individual agencies were operating "on blind faith that they were being managed by higher-ups." But if indeed the working group ceased to function as the managing agency of the information flow and the enforcer of the continuing cover-up, how did this condition continue without program guidance? The answer was in the creation of a government within a government: a coterie of individuals who were not answerable to any president or elected government agency. It was in essence, the Invisible Government, and our then elected president and his officers knowingly created it.
Essentially, hands we do not see govern us.
Determining Motive at the Scene of a Crime
Television has given most people an insight into the operations of crime scene investigators and how they solve crimes, based on forensic evidence. For example, a body is found on the street, shot. Perhaps the signs of a brief and futile struggle are evident. Looking for identification on the body proves to be futile, since no wallet or purse is found near the area. Searching the area, looking in trashcans nearby, a wallet is found, devoid of money and credit cards, but containing the driver's license of Mr. John Doe, and the photo appears to match the features of the victim. In all probability, the deceased is Mr. Doe and he was most probably mugged, killed for money. The motive, discerned by the evidence at the scene of the crime, appears to have been money. Looking at AI (Alien Intervention) as if it were a crime, an investigator might arrive at some idea of a possible motive for the action. With a long history of association, it is determined that the victims (us) are quite familiar with the perpetrators (aliens). There are traces of this relationship in every culture on earth, from the oldest recorded histories of every race, or ethnic clade.
It appears that the suspects had a central hand in the origination of most civilizations, at least, and perhaps are even responsible for the perverted evolution of the entire species. This seems to be similar in scope to many child kidnappings, where the aggrieved parent has no qualms in kidnapping the child from the awful 'other parent' or custodian.
There is also an offer of some kind made to the victims, and this offer is usually either some kind of technology which appears to give advantage to the victim, or some kind of spiritual enlightenment, offered specially to the victims, upon their acceptance of a continued relationship in both cases. The crime begins to take on the aura of a confidence scam, or a bait and switch, Three-Card-Monty scam. As is normal for these confidence scams, obfuscation and diversion is key in keeping the deceit going to its fruition.
There are a host of bodies, and missing persons associated with the crimes. In fact, whole civilizations seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. There are stories of global annihilations that pervade all the literature of the ancients. This confidence scam with a kidnapping has turned into a homicide.
As details emerge, the investigation turns up accomplices. A conspiracy is revealed that is classic in most high crimes. But as in most high crimes, not all the perpetrators can keep secrets. Our shadow government seems to have been accessory to the crimes of the aliens, at least for the last three generations. Under interrogation, the story emerges only with great difficulty, and it seems to change from one session to the next.
The perpetrator is armed and dangerous. Government insiders, members of the military in high places, feel that the visitors are hostile and have taken actions to counter the assault they feel is imminent upon humanity. What remains of our visible government is valiantly trying to protect us, as they promised they would.
The perpetrators have actually taken over territory in our area and appear to be sustaining a long-term occupation. Under the sea and the land and on nearby bodies in space, evidence of their presence is monitored. Billions, if not trillions, have been spent on our security from this hostile visitor.
Most aggravating of all is the perpetrator's ability to flee and evade capture at will. Only isolated conspirators are captured, their dark associates in the cabal taking custody of them. Most of those captured suffer, as did Lee Harvey Oswald.
It seems in fact that the perpetrators themselves are influencing the entire investigation. Investigators and agents operate under an unknown authority that seems bent on keeping the crime from the general public, attempting to demean details and witnesses. And since the criminals are in charge of the investigation, there will be no further investigation - case closed.
We have difficulty in establishing motives for known high crimes and misdemeanors. We see these convoluted and serpentine crimes in the news and have wondered about them since the assignation of JFK. How could our own government do such things? What fox is watching this henhouse, anyway? Exacerbated, we attribute their motives to control, power.
If the EBEs are indeed our progenitors, could we not assume some familiar relationship in motive on their part as well? Could there be some similarity in our mutual behavior, some inherited propensity? Are we not acting exactly as designed?
The Paradigm Research Group is organizing a Million Fax on Washington which is designed to put pressure on the president elect to make substantive efforts for disclosing all the pertinent information the government has on the subject of ETI. On the day following the determination of the next president of the US, the goal is to have one million faxes and letters delivered in mass to the person appointed. Just how effective this might be remains to be seen, but the probability is that the person, whoever it may be, will be as unable to open the floodgates of disclosure as anyone else has been in the last three generations. The keepers of the information will allow it when they are ready.
Looking at the history of alien intervention on this planet, and taking many stories and angles on the data into account, it is easy to see that a powerful and persistent hand has been manipulating the situation for a very long time. While it is true that humans have assisted this covert operation, we are but short-lived humans, and the operation continues to this day. The only party that remains consistent, in the effort to keep secret the intervention in human affairs, is the alien interlopers themselves.
With their technological advantage and the proliferation of communication mediums on this planet, our alien friends could easily announce their presence to us and never expose themselves to the hostility that currently pervades our government's relationship with them. With their undeniable tactical advantage, they could land in mass at the UN and reveal themselves to all the nations of the earth, keeping the armed forces at bay with the fully licensed versions of the hardware we use against them today.
By appearing in some peaceful manner, by not returning evil for evil, by a non-destructive resistance to our sure to be violent reaction to their appearance, the alien delegation would prove their peaceful intent, their altruistic mission, to the general public.
Claiming some kind of non-interference ethic is a red herring, since interference is a given condition on this planet. Visual sightings, abductions, implants, missing persons, crop circles and cattle mutilations - the list is almost endless. There is no reason to wear the mask any longer, unless of course taking off the mask would reveal more than we would care to know.
Participate with the Million Fax on Washington - hope for the best. But nothing prohibits the Interlopers from acknowledging their persistent presence on earth today, regardless of the results of the presidential appointment to come.

Source: The Alien Seeker News

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