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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unfolding extraterrestrial reality

The Shocking Truth

post from Nexus of Science/Spirituality/Politics on 19 November 2008 04:30:00 AM. © Nexus of Science/Spirituality/Politics
(Article 3 of a unique serie)(Previous articles: 1 and 2)A shocking truthThey are here, I have no doubts about it now. But what I didn't expect is the way the manifest themselves. High strangeness is the only way we can describe it.

Over the periods of 2 years, I had the privilege to share precious moments with the CSETI team and close to 120 participants from all walks of life. I met NASA scientist, Pilots, house wives, astronomers, computer experts, engineers and many more professionals during the week long trainings. And they were just like me, completely in awe at what was unfolding around us.

From what we have been told, and the way media and movies depict the extraterrestrials, you would think that if things goes as planned, we would see a giant spaceship, just like the one we see on TV, coming above the group. Well, things just don't happen like that, but in various other wonderful ways. Again, you have to think outside the box and realize that there is more to reality then our own little 3 dimensional world.

Extraterrestrial physical manifestations

Now, what I would like to describe first is the way they show themselves and how they interact with the group. I'll be mixing all the experiences together, including the work I have done around Ottawa with colleagues, the CSETI Trainings in Mt. Shasta and near Montreal. The manifestation will be presented as they come to mind, in no particular order. I'll try to add graphics to each description.

The very first day in Mt. Shasta, in the fall 2006, we had whitish-greenish lights answering to our signaling. This lasted about 3-4 minutes. We could see the shape of that light-object with binoculars. There is no way someone would have been able to stand on the side of the mountain to do that. The side been too steep for that feat. A similar object also flew above the mountain, following the contours the previous year, according to Harold Berndt.

In Mt. Shasta, during a break, I was discussing Stanley Meyers technology with Steven Greer and Harold Berndt, when a red ball popped in view, facing me. I quickly pointed to it, but Steven already had his head turned to see the manifestation. The orb appeared between 2 tall trees at about 40 feet altitude and started descending. It was about the size of my thumb at arm's length. Mid course, it split it 2 identical balls vertically and moved apart slightly. They both disappeared behind the bushes. I looked at Steven and Harold in awe. Never seen something like this.

In fall 2007, Mt. Shasta, we had many uncharted objects flying above us and one way we can see if they are of extraterrestrial nature, we can verbally or mentally gently ask for a direction change. Well, that is one thing I usually do each time I see an object in the sky, anywhere I am.To my great surprise, the first object turned 20-30 degrees... At that point, I was making audible request and my friend could hear them too. We were both astonished to see the object change course. This happened 3 times during the evening. Twice on my request and once on a request from another participants.

Ursa major, or commonly called the Big Dipper is a very easy constellation to spot. I was facing it that night when a notice a blink, about the size of a big start. I notified the group, with elevation and orientation. It then blinked again a bit north of it's previous blink location and the entire group noticed it. Then for a longer period it was quiet before blinking at us one last time.
In 2007, I had brought an MP3 player and portable speakers. I was playing the beeping tones while everyone was setting up for the night. Just as Steven and his colleagues were sitting down, I saw a basketball size silver orb pop just beside the moon. I thought It was a quick reaction to our beeping tones, which they usually do each time. I notified the group and the same orb was also seen later during the night by other people.

Now to end this series of manifestations, I will describe what could be the most bizarre and life changing experience I had in my life.One night where we were standing and enjoying the star filled sky, the energy was high, we felt good. The weather was cool, but we felt great. We had our usual circular setup so everyone could watch a part of the sky. The moon was high and bright.I then noticed something shinny in front of me, but nothing solid. I dispatched it for just reflection on the ground until Steven started moving around and outlining shapes. I was puzzled, then I moved my head sideways, left and right to see if I could get more details of the shape in front of me. It was very subtle energy, but I could clearly see the top of a small humanoid head and 2 shoulders. It was see-through...semi-transparent.We where all very quiet and enjoy this most extraordinary presence. I was really astonished to see Steven come beside me and begin to outline the shape I had in front of me. Wow! I told myself, he sees what I see...He started at the top of the head with both his hands joined and went around it, then the shoulders, and going down the sides of this quiet creatures. I couldn't believe it... Such a peaceful night and such peaceful and wonderful location.To this day, this is the most difficult experience to share with anyone I talk to.There I've done it. Feels good. :)

This gives you an idea on how things turn out, and the beautiful thing about all this, you can do this at home with your friends and family. Just show honest and sincere desire to contact and amazing things will happen.

This is how things happened for me, but there have been some major ET craft demonstration in the early CSETI days. One of them was a 300 feet disk that came out of the clouds in England, during a CSETI expedition.

Anything can happen, be open and enjoy every moment of this beautiful unfolding reality.

Source: AltNews

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